MemPore Environmental Technologies, Inc.

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MemPore’s History

During the 1960’s, nano-filtration membrane technology was first used at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) by Drs. Sidney Loeb and Srinivasa Sourirajan in the invention of water desalination processes. Subsequently, Dr. Sourirajan transferred from UCLA to the National Research Council (NRC) in Canada and was joined by Oleh Kutowy in 1973. Together Sourirajan and Kutowy further developed water filtration technology using ultra and nano-filtration polymeric membranes. Their work continued to reach beyond just water desalination and focused on process development for liquid separations with special emphasis on reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes and the efficient use of energy and resources.

From 1985 to 2005, Oleh specialized at NRC in developing membrane technology for the reclamation of used lubricating oil. His comprehensive knowledge in this area makes him the world expert in the field. During this period at NRC he was invited to give lectures on membranes to numerous international academies and institutes.

Attempts to find competent licensees while Oleh was still at NRC were not successful. Accordingly in 2006 Oleh left NRC to found MemPore and develop a commercial system for recycling used lubricating oil using membrane technology.

During this time, MemPore has successfully developed smaller prototype versions of his membrane unit as well as “pre-treatment” processes. This work received validation by Sustainable Development Research Canada (SDRC) through approval for funding.

In early 2015, MemPore reached a strategic partnering agreement with Universe Bright New Energy Investment, Ltd. (UBNE) to commercialize the technology and construct the first full scale commercial size system. UBNE specializes in developing and commercializing clean technologies for the Chinese and Asian markets.

The Management Team

Oleh Kutowy


From 1973 to 2005, Oleh Kutowy worked as a research scientist at the National Research Council. During this time, his areas of specialization were research on membrane formation (polymer selections, additives etc.), membrane devices and membrane applications. For his last 20 years at NRC, Oleh concentrated on industrial applications of membranes and especially on the reclamation of used lubricating oil.

In 2005 Oleh retired from NRC. In 2006 he formed MemPore to transform his research and development work at NRC into the engineering and manufacturing of commercial products. Over the last 6 years, Oleh and his technical team have been concentrating on bringing a complete system using membranes to commercial fruition. Oleh has also recruited an experienced management team to manage all aspects of business growth.

Alastair Samson


Mr. Samson is an experienced businessman and lawyer with professional expertise in intellectual property and technology commercialization. His international career includes twenty years as a high-tech company President – Cardiac Bio-Systems Inc., Advanced Bioelectric Corporation (took company from start-up to initial sales), Lumonics Europe (grew sales to $33m. at 10% p.a.), MEL Defense Systems Ltd. (grew sales from 0 to $35m. in 4 years) , MEL (UK) ($100m. of sales), ITT Hydrospace Division (trebled sales in 3 years). He has also operated his own consulting business specializing in management mentoring of high-tech companies, intellectual property licensing, and strategic alliances.

Mr. Samson’s qualifications include: MA in Economics and Law from Cambridge University. Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Judicature, England; Diploma of Management Studies (with distinction) Thames University; Strategic Marketing Course, Stanford University and British Institute of Marketing; Fellow of the British Institute of Management.

Peter Malone

VP Project Management

Peter Malone has joined MemPore Environmental Technologies, Inc. as Vice President, Project Management. Peter brings to MemPore an extensive background in supply chain management with strong manufacturing, logistics, technical and project management skills. After receiving engineering qualifications from South West London College and the U.K.’s Royal Naval Weapon Engineering School, Peter served in the Royal Navy before entering the private sector in 1991. In the private sector, Peter has held several senior positions overseeing manufacturing operations within diverse industries before immigrating to Canada in 2000. Since 2009, Peter has owned PCM Global Support Services, Inc. taking clients’ conceptual design ideas through to detailed engineering design, rapid prototyping and eventual manufacture and supply. At MemPore, he will be responsible for organizing and coordinating the North American manufacturing operations for producing nano-filtration membrane systems sold internationally for recycling used lubricating oil.

Alan Fox

VP Sales and Marketing

A seasoned healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and general management. Alan worked in the U.S. pharmaceutical market for 13 years with Bristol-Myers Squibb and then became General Manager/President of Mead Johnson Canada where he grew annual sales from $30m. to $120m. in 9 years, moving to head up the Mead Johnson business in Europe where he grew annual sales from $35m. to $75m. in 4 years. He left Mead Johnson to become President and CEO of Ascent Pediatrics, a start-up pharmaceutical company developing improved products for children. He took Ascent public in 1997. Since 2001, Alan has operated an independent business in Canada while also undertaking several consulting projects in the healthcare field, primarily for small start-up companies. He previously served on the Board of Directors of Advanced Bioelectric and assisted in the early commercialization plans of this company.

Lubie Kutowy

VP Operations & Technology Guardian

Liubie has over 15 years experience in various aspects of design, manufacturing, and building liquid separation devices.

Wendy Plowman

Commercial & Office Manager

Wendy has an MBA and has 20 years experience in managing small and large project as joint owner of a consulting firm specializing in management mentoring, business, planning, business support and technology transfer.