June 2017

MemPore Environmental Technologies announced the successful commissioning of its first commercial scale system. Located in Shenzhen City, (just north of Hong Kong) this unique system has been built under the direction of MemPore by its licensee, Cypress Environmental Technology, Co. Ltd. This MemPore System, being modular, is capable of recycling from 375,000 to 6.0 million gallons (1.4 to 22.0 million liters) of used oil per year into clean base oil.

May 2017

Peter Malone has joined MemPore Environmental Technologies, Inc. as Vice President, Project Management. Peter brings to MemPore an extensive background in supply chain management with strong manufacturing, logistics, technical and project management skills. After receiving engineering qualifications from South West London College and the U.K.’s Royal Naval Weapon Engineering School, Peter served in the Royal Navy before entering the private sector in 1991. In the private sector, Peter has held several senior positions overseeing manufacturing operations within diverse industries before immigrating to Canada in 2000. Since 2009, Peter has owned PCM Global Support Services, Inc. taking clients’ conceptual design ideas through to detailed engineering design, rapid prototyping and eventual manufacture and supply. At MemPore, he will be responsible for organizing and coordinating the North American manufacturing operations for producing nano-filtration membrane systems sold internationally for recycling used lubricating oil.

March 2017

MemPore Environmental Technologies, Inc. has received important analytical test results confirming the successful initial construction of its first commercial scale system for recycling used lubricating oil with nano-filtration membranes. Designed and constructed with MemPore’s partner, Cypress Environmental Technologies, Inc. of Shenzhen, China, this unique system is producing quality-grade Group I and II base oils. The test results received from OELCHECK, CHINA, LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of OELCHECK GmbH, Brannenburg, Germany, report that virtually all undesirable wear, contamination and additive components of the used oil have been eliminated by the MemPore technology, including reducing the important level of sulphur in the Group II base oil to only 22 ppm. (Specification for Group II base oil is that sulphur content be less than 300 ppm.) These test results confirm the validity of MemPore’s technology on a commercial scale and Cypress Environmental Technologies is therefore proceeding to full commissioning of the complete system during the second quarter of 2017.

November 2015

MemPore Environmental Technologies Inc. exhibited at the Annual Conference and Tradeshow of NORA (National Oil Recycling Association) in Orlando, Florida. This was a key opportunity to announce and launch our company and its exciting technology. The response was exceptionally encouraging. Our exhibit booth was very busy as more than 75% of those MemPore prospects in attendance came to learn about our new technology. More than a dozen of these prospects indicated their enthusiasm to visit the UBNE plant once the system is commissioned in early 2016.

September 2015

MemPore received funding from a group of private investors located in Brockville, Ontario. The first tranche of investment will enable us to attend an essential trade show in Orlando, Florida, in November. The second tranche will be used to accelerate our commercial activities as well as provide capital necessary for further automation of our manufacturing capabilities. As part of this funding agreement, a new division of the company was formed: MemPore Environmental Technologies. This company will be responsible for the commercialization of our technologies.

July 2015

MemPore reached agreement to headquarter its manufacturing base at the beautiful Gallipeau Centre in Smiths Falls, Ontario. The National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program approved a grant to MemPore to support the development and manufacturing of key membrane casting equipment.
MemPore joined NORA, an Association of Responsible of Responsible Recyclers, representing the complete recycling industry in the United States.

May 2015

Valley Heartland Community Futures Development Corporation (under the Eastern Ontario Development Program) signed an Agreement with MemPore to provide financial support to MemPore’s manufacturing and commercialization activities in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

March 2015

MemPore reached a strategic partnering agreement with Universe Bright New Energy Investment, Ltd (UBNE) to construct the first full size commercial system and commercialize these systems worldwide. UBNE specializes in developing and commercializing clean technologies for the Chinese and Asian markets. This agreement includes future annual royalty payments to MemPore for sales by UBNE into the Asian market. In July 2015 engineering designs have been finalized and delivered to UBNE’s equipment manufacturers. Installation, initial trials, and process validation are expected by the end of 2015.